New DFP API Integration

Tutorial for Phunware Advertising Integration through Google DFP


Step 1. Create Ad unit

To create an ad unit:

  1. In your DFP Small Business account, click the Inventory tab. The "Ad units" table displays.
  2. Click New ad unit


Step 2. Enter Ad Unit Info

Creating Mobile Ad unit:

  1. Enter in Ad unit Name
  2. Select the appropriate ad size. (Please note the ad size selected much match the ad size defined when your Phunware zone id was configured).
  3. Save


Step 3. Create An Order and Line Item

To create an order

  1. In your DFP Small Business account, click the Orders tab.
  2. Click New order. 


Step 4. Entering Order and Line Item Info

Enter your order information in the appropriate fields.

  1. Order names must be unique within your network, select Inventory size
  2. Enter your line item information
  3. Input line item start and end dates
  4. Select inventory and Targetting
  5. Click Save


Step 5. Confirming Order

  1. Click on Order Line Item


Step 6. Adding Creative

  1. Click on "Add Creative"



Step 7. Select Mobile Ad Network

  1. Select "Mobile Ad Network" as the creative type.


Step 8. Insert Ad Request URL

  1. Name your creative and input your Ad Request URL which will follow the format outlined below, with your appropriate zone id appended at the end.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Find My Phunware Zone ID?

  1. Login to 
  2. Zone Id is located under the App name and ID





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