What CPM’s Can I Make With TapIt!™ / How Much Money?

TapIt!™ places an emphasis on making our publishers the highest eCPM’s possible for their traffic. Some partners earn as high as $4 dollar CPM’s, while others start out lower while we optimize advertisers around each publisher’s traffic. Since TapIt!™ has unique optimization technology and a large stable of advertisers, our fill rates tend to be over 90%. We are able to deliver significantly higher CPMs over other mobile ad networks due to our ability of being able to leverage the right pockets of mobile ad inventory, and pay much top dollar for it once a campaign is optimized. Lastly, TapIt!™ is enabling new ad units, aside from Rich Media, that can yield publishers higher eCPM’s by delivering Local Advertisements. CONTACT the TapIt!™ publisher team today to find out more!

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