Getting Started - Mobile & Non-Mobile Formatted Websites Publishers

TapIt! makes it easy for you to earn revenue from your mobile users, even if your website is not optimized for mobile phones. 

By placing a simple line of code into the footer of your website, our innovative ad unit detects when a visitor is viewing your page from a mobile device. Then it places a non-intrusive mobile-formatted banner at the bottom of your page. This high-impact ad unit typically results in CTR's over over 1%, yielding you a higher eCPM!

Here's an example of a mobile-banner at the footer of a non-mobile formatted webpage. 


Step 1: Sign Up


The first step is to create your TapIt publisher account on the TapIt Publisher Portal. After you register your account and sign in, you will be taken to your Publisher Dashboard.

Step 2: Add Your Site


From your Publisher Dashboard, click the "Add a Site or App" button to add your app.

Step 3. Choose your Platform


Select your site type as: Traditional

Step 4: Filled in Your Site Details


Fill in your app details

  1. Select Script type is Server side or Javascript
  2. Fill in your app details
  3. Select whether or not to allow HTML/Javascript Ads.
  4. Click "Save and Continue" to add your app or site to the network.
  5. Congratulations! You have now added your site or app to our network. Ads are not shown on your app or site until you activate it by implementing the appropriate code for your site/app. You can access the install code by clicking on the zone name of the app or site that you wish to activate, and then clicking the button "Get Code Snippet".

Note: You have the option to change your site settings later – to do this, click the site name you wish to reconfigure and then click the "Edit Site/App Settings" button located off to the right.

Step 5: Adding Ad placement


Add the Ad placement you want to see on your site


Step 6: Copy code using Javascript script for Mobile Site


Copy Code for Non Mobile Site


Step 7: Install code

Below is an example of pasting the code into the footer of your website.
Be sure to paste anywhere before the </body> tag. 
Be sure to change "mode": "test" to "mode": "live" to start receiving real ads once your placement has been approved by TapIt! 

After you've pasted the code in, load your website on a mobile smartphone to see the ad in action. 
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