Policies & Tips for Developers & Publishers

In order to improve performance for you, we constantly analyze data from within our network. One of the most important contributors to click performance is how you choose to integrate ads. Below are our policies along with some tips for you to take into consideration:

  • Ads should not be placed very closely near buttons or any other objects users may accidentally click while interacting with your app or site.
  • Ads should not be placed in a location that covers up or hides any content that users may have interest in viewing.
  • Ads should not be implemented in areas where users will randomly click or place their fingers on the screen. In these cases we recommend placing our ads on either a title or ending page.
  • Ads should not be placed on a “dead end” screen where there is no option to do anything but click the ad. There must be a way to exit a screen without clicking the ad (ex. a “back” or “menu” button). 
  • Ads should not be refreshed more than once every 60 seconds.
  • Ads should not be pre-cached, cached, or stored in any way. Ads should always be requested dynamically and refreshed when the page is refreshed.
  • The number of ads on a single page should not exceed 1 if the ad is placed at the top or bottom of the screen. If the page scrolls, then there should be a maximum of 1 ad on the top and 1 ad on the bottom, and both ads should not appear viewable on the same page at once.
  • Click through URLs should not be proxied. All developers and publishers should pass TapIt’s click through URL to the client exactly as it is returned by TapIt.
  • Register different apps or sites separately when possible and use different developer and publisher IDs. Using one developer or publisher ID across multiple apps or sites limits our ability to optimize.
  • For your app and or site, implement blocks, however be as permissive as possible so you can ensure that more ads will get through and be displayed on your site and or app. This will help keep fill rate as high as possible while still prohibiting ads you refuse to display to your users.
  • For gaming apps, we recommend placing ads on title or ending screens, rather than mid game to encourage a good user experience and enhance performance.

While our policies and tips can increase traffic quality, you may not necessarily see an increase in click performance high enough to regain ad flow by following them. They may cause you to earn less now as your fill is reduced. However, by following these guidelines they will ultimately lead to higher payouts for you when you provide high quality inventory.

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