TapIt Mobile Platform Account Creation

Getting started as an Advertiser or Publisher on the TapIt! Mobile Platform is easy. We provide you two (2) simple methods to create your account.

(1) Google Open ID
(2) Standard Registration

Creating Your Account With Google OpenID


(1) Google OpenID: You can get started by clicking the "Sign In With Google" button. If you are logged into your Gmail account, your TapIt! account should be created instantly. Once logged in, we will ask for you to complete your profile so that our support team can connect with you.


To Get Started:

  1. Visit
  2. Cick on the "Sign In With Google" button on the left side of the page.
  3. The next window will confirm that your account is activated.
  4. Finish your registration by adding basic information about your account, including Account Type and Contact Info.
  5. You can now start to Create Ad Campaigns, or set your Site or Application Live to receive TapIt! ads.

Creating Your Account With Standard Registration


(2) Standard Registration: If you choose not to login in with your Google Account, you can click the "Register" link next to our "Sign In" button, and complete our standard registration.

To Get Started:
1. Visit
2. Cick on the blue "Register" link on the Right side of the page next to the "Sign In" button.
3. The next window will enable you to add basic information about your account, including Account Type and Contact Info
4. Check your email for a confirmation message from TapIt! to confirm the email address you have provided.
5. Click on the "confirmation link" within the emall to confirm your account.
5. You can now start to Create Ad Campaigns or set your Site or Application Lice to recieve TapIt ads.

(Note: If you have not recieved an email from TapIt, please check your "Bulk" or "Spam" email and "Whitelist" future emails from TapIt!)

Complete Your Registration


When finishing your account profile, please pay close attention to the following:

(1) Account Type: Please select from the dropdown menu the account type that best suits your needs. (A) Publisher/Developer (B) Advertiser (C) Advertiser & Publisher
This is important, as this will enable our user interface with the appropriate dashboards and settings for your account type. You may always change this later by visiting your "Account Information" under the "Account" tab in the header. There, you will be modify your Account Type

(2) Support Information: We work closely with all of our partners, advertisers and publishers. The more contact information we have to communicate with you helps us to become more successful in supporting your needs. Your Phone Number and Instant Message Chat provider contact info will assist us in giving you the best customer experiance.

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