Creating House Ads

In this section you can create house ads

Step 1. Enable House Ad

Toggle the House Ad to "Yes"

Step 2. Enter Destination URL


Enter the destination url you want to land on Appstore, Playstore, or a Webpage

Step 3. Choose Ad Type


There are three Ad type you can choose for Houe Ads

Step 4. Upload Your Own Creative, Choose "Banner Ad Type"


You can upload your own Creative , if you upload 320x50 it will resize all the other smaller other size.

Step 5. Create House had with Html/Javascript Ad tags


Enter customize HTML or Javascript Tags in t

Step 6. Create a customizable ad unit with "Ad Builder"


Once you are done click " SAVE"

Step 7. House Ads will be in "pending" status will follow the same campagin approval process


Once approve status of house ads will appear approved.

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