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How do I enable test mode?

If you are not seeing ads, the first step is to enable "test mode". This will force the TapIt Ad Servers to return a Blue TapIt test banner. Receiving the test banner will validate that the code is installed correctly. To enable test mode, change TAPIT_MODE from "live" to "test" in the server-side install code. For JavaScript (Mobile and Non-Mobile), change "mode": "live" to "mode": "test" in the adrequest function call.

I get the test ad, but I don't get ads in live mode, how come?

First make sure you are testing the integration in an environment that is as close as possible to a production/live environment. Second, make sure you are validating the integration on a mobile device. Only in rare cases will you receive an ad in a desktop browser.

I am testing on a mobile device, but still not seeing ads?

Make a note of the following information and contact Publisher Services via email:
Your Zone ID
The country where you are testing the ads
The mobile operator/carrier you are using to test
The handset (Operating System and Make/Model) you are using to test

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