Unity IOS Plugin

Introduction to TapIt! Unity Pluggin

TapIt!'s Unity Plugin utilizes Unity 3D to provide cross-platform, in-game interaction with the TapIt system so you can easily integrate the ad system into your application for all Unity 3D supported platforms.

Download TapIt Unity Plugin Package Here

Operating System Requirements

Any Unity 3D supported platforms.


Why Use the TapIt! Unity Pluggin?

Unity 3D doesn't have any ad systems, so this one should be implemented.


Explanations On the Algorithm

The idea was the following: “We will form the request to the TapIt! server with the device information (like w, h, lat, long, unique device id, e.t.c.) and send it. After that we convert the response from the JSON format to c# data format. After the conversion we can download the ad image (from the c# data, that come from the JSON) and place it on top of the screen.”.


How the TapIt! Unity Pluggin Works

From the start, Unity is gathering information from the device. Firstly it gets a hardcoded zone value, next it takes the device unique id gathering LocationInfo and calculating the needed width and height for the ad image. Then the request string is formed and the request will be sent via Unity WWW-class.


About the Code

TapItIOSPlugin.DisplayBanner();    -  Show the specified banner ad, hiding any existing one that may exist already.

TapItIOSPlugin.HideBanner();        -  Hide any banner that's being displayed, if any.

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