Appcelerator IOS Plugin

iOS Titanium module for TapIt!

Version 1.0

This is the iOS Titanium module for TapIt! Go to for more details and to sign up.

Make sure to remember zone ID for each ad type, you will end enter the corresponding zone ID in the code.



-Copy the module zip file “” into project  folder.

-Open file tiap.xml and add this line into tag <modules>

<module version="1.0">com.tapit</module>

-Use method require to load a Titanium module

var tapit = require('com.tapit');

Banner Usage

-Create a BannerView like any other view.
-Add this view to your window/view.
-Must pass the Zone ID as adzone.
var v = tapit.createView({

     adzone : '1234',

     top : 0,

     left : 0,

     width : 320,

     height : 50




AdPrompt Usage

-Just create an ad  view and call method showAlertAd.
-Do not pass any parameter to method createView. Instead pass 2 parameters adzone & showas to method showAlertAd.

-showas could be 1 of 2 values : “Alert” and “ActionSheet


var v = tapit.createView();






Interstitial Usage

-Just like AdPromt but with only one parameter adzone

var v = tapit.createView();


     adzone : '1234'



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