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TapIt Android Unity Plugin

This plugin allows Unity developers to easily utilize the TapIt Android SDK in their apps.  It is very easy to integrate, requiring only a few simple function calls.

To use the plugin:

Import the unity package, TapItAndroid.unitypackage.  This will create a Plugins/Android folder that contains the plugin as well as a Scripts folder that contains the Unity component that you will use to control TapIt.

A new menu will appear in the Unity Editor called TapIt, with a single command inside, 'Sync Android Manifest'.  Run this command each time you change your application's name (Bundle Identifier).

Place the TapItAndroidPlugin script component on a GameObject in your scene.  

Next, select that object and set the Zone ID fields on the TapItAndroidPlugin component to your TapIt Zone Identifiers.  You must fill out the Banner ID, Alert ID, and Fullscreen/Interstitial IDs.

The following functions are available for displaying ads:

TapItAndroidPlugin.CreateAlertAd() - Display an Alert Ad.
TapItAndroidPlugin.ShowBannerAd() - Begin displaying a banner ad.
TapItAndroidPlugin.ShowInterstitialAd() - Begin displaying an Interstitial ad.
TapItAndroidPlugin.ShowFullscreenAd() - Begin displaying a fullscreen ad.
TapItAndroidPlugin.HideAllAds() - Hide any ads that are being displayed.  Affects Banner, Interstitial and Fullscreen ads only.

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