Marmalade Plugin

Marmalade Plugin - Installation

1. Download Marmalade Plugin here
2. Copy s3eTapit extension folder inside of %MARMALADE_ROOT%/extensions
3. Copy s3eTapit example inside of %MARMALADE_ROOT%/examples

Additional Files Marmalade 6.1.2 version

1. libTapit.a

2. libs3eTapit_d.a

3. libs3etTapit.a

New project with s3eTapit


  • Add s3eTapit to subprojects in  MKB file




  • Copy TapIt.bundle folder to project's data folder and add it to MKB file


  • For android support add manifest to MKB


  • Create manifest file (TapitActivity.manifest) in project's root folder with following content:

            android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation" />


In your C/C++ file add following line:-

#include "s3eTapit.h"

s3eTapit provides following function calls:-

Shows banner on screen:
x,y,w,h - are coordinates and size.
On iOS it is in virtual UI pixels. Iphone screen width is 320 in retina and non-retina screen
demo - If true will show ad in demo mode

void s3eTapit_showBanner(int x, int y, int w, int h, bool demo, const char * zone) 

Hides banner:

void s3eTapit_hideBanner()

Shows interstitial:

demo - If true will show ad in demo mode

void s3eTapit_showInterestial(bool demo, const char * zone) 

Shows alert:
demo - If true will show ad in demo mode

void s3eTapit_showAlert(bool demo, const char * zone) 

Shows video ad: (Android only, deprecated, not working with current SDK)
demo - If true will show ad in demo mode

void s3eTapit_showVideo(bool demo, const char * zone) 



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