Phonegap IOS Plugin

Tapit SDK Plugin for PhoneGap Using this plugin requires iOS PhoneGap

Download Tapit Phonegap IOS Plugin

1. Add below frame work to your project

  • SystemConfiguration.framework
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • CoreTelephony.framework
  • CoreLocation.framework

2. Follow steps below to configure Tapit Plugin

  • add the -obj-C flag to 'Other Linker Flags' in 'Build Settngs'
  • copy TapItSdk and Lib folder to your project
  • add Plugin entry in Cordova.plist file under 'Plugins' tag TapitSkdHandler as key-value pair
  • add TapitSdkHandler.m and TapitSdkHandler.h file to project under 'Plugins' folder
  • add TapitSdkPlugin.js file to project under 'Js' folder
  • add entry for the external hosts reachability in Cordova.plist file with value *

3. import Tapit plugin into index.html

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/plugins/TapitSdkPlugin.js"></script>

4. Intialize TapitSdkPlugin with call to plugin initialize in onDeviceReady()


5. You can use below code to add buttons to call plugin functions

<button id="btnId1" onclick="showBannerAdBtn()">Show Banner Ad</button>

<button id="btnId2" onclick="hideBannerAdBtn()">Hide Banner Ad</button><br>

<button id="btnId3" onclick="showInterstitialAdBtn()">Show Interstitial Ad</button><br>

<button id="btnId4" onclick="showAlertAdAsAlertBtn()">Show Alert Ad as Alert</button>

<button id="btnId5" onclick="showAlertAdAsPromptBtn()">Show Alert Ad as Prompt</button><br>

6. You can use below code to call plugin functions

- here '7527' is the zoned to be used with plugin

             // show Banner Ad
            function showBannerAdBtn()
            // hide Banner Ad
            function hideBannerAdBtn()
            // show Interstiatial Ad
            function showInterstitialAdBtn()
            // show Alert Ad as Alert
            function showAlertAdAsAlertBtn()
            // show Alert Ad as Prompt
            function showAlertAdAsPromptBtn()
            function success(obj){
                alert("Success: "+obj);
            function fail(errors){
                alert("Error: "+errors);
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