Jumptap Mediation

This page will show you how to use Jumptap Ad Network Ads along with Tapit Ads

Step 1. Login to Jumptap

  • Add your site or app to your Jumptap account. (Important Note: Jumptap Ads will not serve until you are Approve By Jumptap Publisher Approval Team)
  • On the Publisher Dashboard Click on 'Manage Sites' Tab and find the name of the site or app for which you're configuring (it appears in the listing near the bottom of the page).


  •  Click on the name of the app and then click 'Get Ad Code' under the drop down menu
  •  Click the 'Http Request' tab. Your Publisher alias, Site alias, and Ad Spot alias will be listed towards the bottom of the page.



Step 2. Login to Tapit


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