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We know you've got some basic questions. This FAQ will address most of what's on your mind. Once the initial technical questions are answered, we'll consult with you on ways to make the most of your mobile inventory.


What Mobile Ad Sizes Are Best/Most Common?

The “300×50” is known as the common ad banner size. TapIt!™ supports all standard mobile ad units as defined and approved by the Mobile Marketing Association: 

120_20.gif Small banner (120×20)

168_28.jpeg Medium banner (168×28)

216_36.jpeg Large banner (216×36)

300_50.jpeg Extra-large banner (300×50)

320_50.jpeg  iPhone banner (320×50)

We also support rich media, several video formats, expandable/collapsible ads, and full-page interstitials. Our rich media formats are all compatible with our SDK. If you would like more information, please contact us at 888-444-1494 or you may click HERE for more information on standardization of sizes can be found on our ad specifications page.

How Is TapIt!™ Different Than Other Ad Networks?

Not all mobile advertising networks are cut from the same cloth. We feel that buzzwords like “engagement”, “reach” and “audience” are thrown around far to much, instead of more important words like “results” that should be the standards our industry should adhere to. We realize that with the current fragmented mobile landscape, “cracking the codes” that create successful campaigns is not a task for the faint hearted. For this reason, we place our focus on empowering, sharing and teaching proven methods to our Advertisers and Publishers that have created successful campaigns and revenues, so you don’t have to go though the headaches on your own. We are passionate about measureable results and performance, and that is exactly what you will get for your campaigns and from our staff.

Can Anyone Advertise with TapIt!™

We have both global and local partners, so no matter your experience in the mobile space or size of your company, TapIt!™ wants to work with you.

Does It Matter If My Ad Does Not Fit A Certain Handset Format?

No way! TapIt!™’s technology will automatically reformat your banner to customize it to fit our large database of handsets and unique specifications.

How Do I Create Ads?

You will be provided with a personalized TapIt!™ Interface. Once logged in you will be provided simple instructions that will help you identify your target audience, create your ad copy, and set your bids. Our team then monitors and manages your ads to ensure proper functionality and efficiency.

Where Can I Find The MMA Guideline?

What Timezone is TapIt's Stats in? 


Do I Get Statistical, and Campaign Reporting From TapIt!™ 24/7?

Yes! TapIt!™ provides all of our advertisers 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard. All statistics and data are reported real-time, and include all current running campaigns. We are constantly updating our technology so we can provide key data and insights to your ad campaign. TapIt!™ provides you with impressions, clicks, CTR, eRPM, and are varied by day, time, and date ranges. Whether you want to concentrate on sites/apps, location, or device you can see your results both big picture and in minute detail.

How Does TapIt!™ Direct Ads To Return Across All Handsets?

TapIt!™ technology will automatically return the appropriate ads based upon our large and increasing database of handsets and unique specifications. Determined by the user agent for each ad request, TapIt!™’s ad server dynamically responds with the correct ad units for each handset. So, in other words, TapIt!™ will dynamically serve the correct ad to the appropriate handset automatically on your behalf.

What Is The Best Way To Increase My Campaign's Performance?

The best way is to NEVER STOP TESTING. Keeping fresh creatives, implementing text and images, and alternating ad copy and call to actions will be the best way to increase performance. By constantly changing and testing, you are able to see the best responses from multiple creative ads. If you would like more help or our campaign managers' professional opinion please CONTACT us today.

May I Know Which Publishers You Work With?

TapIt!™ is an open network to our brand advertisers and allows you to target based on your unique specifications; we have found that a transparent network promotes an open, more productive testing environment.

How Can I Increase The Amount Of Impressions For My Campaign?

TapIt!™ serves ads on a dynamic bidding system. Your CPC (cost per click) bids give you the opportunity to bid higher or lower, and determines how many impressions are served to your campaign based upon your bid price. You can bid on additional channels, add additional creatives for increased CTR’s (click through rates), and alternate targeting options for optimal results. Lastly, if you bid on a CPM, we can guarantee the volumes of traffic to you campaign.

Am I Able To Target Specific Cities In My Country?

You will be able to utilize the following options to target by geography: city, state & country, latitude and longitude.

I Just Signed Up With TapIt!™As An Advertiser. What Do I Do Next?

Thank you for signing up! Your account is now being handled by our team of Advertiser Development Managers. If you need help getting a campaign going, please visit our help section HERE. Additionally, you may contact our support team in order for one of our campaign managers to assist you. We look forward to serving you!

How Can I Get Support?

We offer a very high level of support to our advertisers. Your dedicated advertising development managers can educate, enable, and empower you so that together we can execute the best campaign possible. For customer support issues, emailing will generate an immediate response from our team.

Can I Set Up Budgets?

Yes! Your campaign is personalized for you and for you alone. No two companies are alike so why should we treat you like one? TapIt! allows you to spend as you are comfortable with. You can control your overall account spend level and set a daily budget for all of your individual campaigns.

Can I Run Multiple Ads In A Request?

Yes, TapIt!™’s internal team can serve multiple ads at a time so that you can monetize your campaign faster. By running multiple ads you are able to see more click through rates and track the success each separate ad. By tracking and testing multiple creatives and varying your text, you can re-target and direct your spending towards your best performing ads.

How Does TapIt!™ Price Traffic?

We price ads by CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and a CPC (cost per click).You will have the capability to set your own budget for each of your campaigns; we will implement your campaign and find the best measurable results possible.

Who Can I Target With TapIt!™ Help?

An Advertiser can select single or multiple targeting options to reach the target audience. Carrier or Telecom Operator – Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone and much more.

  • Channel Targeting – Business, Entertainment, Mobile SMS, Mobile news etc
  • Device- Manufacturer, Model, and OS
  • Geographic Targeting – location-global and local


Check out our Targeting page to know more.

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