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We know you've got some basic questions. This FAQ will address most of what's on your mind. Once the initial technical questions are answered, we'll consult with you on ways to make the most of your mobile inventory.


What is TapIt!™?

TapIt!™ is an industry leading world wide mobile advertising platform designed to create consumer interactivity for performance based mobile advertisers and measurable revenue for mobile publishers and developers.

How Is TapIt!™ Any Different From Other Advertising Networks?

Not all mobile advertising networks are cut from the same cloth. We feel that buzzwords like “engagement”, “reach” and “audience” are thrown around far to much, instead of more important words like “results” that should be the standards our industry should adhere to. We realize that with the current fragmented mobile landscape, “cracking the codes” that create successful campaigns is not a task for the faint hearted. For this reason, we place our focus on empowering, sharing and teaching proven methods to our Advertisers and Publishers that have created successful campaigns and revenues, so you don’t have to go though the headaches on your own. We are passionate about measureable results and performance, and that is exactly what you will get for your campaigns and from our staff.

What Mobile Ad Sizes Are Best/Most Common?

The “300×50” is known as the common ad banner size. TapIt!™ supports all standard mobile ad units as defined and approved by the Mobile Marketing Association:

120_20.gif Small banner (120×20)

168_28.jpeg Medium banner (168×28)

216_36.jpeg Large banner (216×36)

300_50.jpeg Extra-large banner (300×50)

320_50.jpeg iPhone banner (320×53)

We also support rich media, several video formats, expandable/collapsible ads, and full-page interstitials. Our rich media formats are all compatible with our SDK. If you would like more information, please contact us at 888-444-1494 or you may read HERE More information on standardization of sizes can be found on our ad specifications page.

Where Can I Find The MMA Guideline?

How Can I Use TapIt!™ To Drive Traffic To My Mobile Website?

There are many ways that you can utilize TapIt!™ to drive traffic to your website. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that your web site is formatted correctly to be viewed across all major mobile devices. If you need help with this, we have partnered with company’s to provide you an immediate solution.

How Do I Use TapIt!™ To Serve Ads On My Website/Application?

Here at TapIt!™, we focus on bringing the most value for our partners by monetizing both mobile in-app ad inventory and mobile websites. We provide WAP site publisher the opportunity to implement our API or SDK that will promptly begin displaying ads in real time. Our SDK codes support several rich media formats and ad units, within your site to serve ads and provide you with realtime revenue management in your personalized interface. Whether you are a mobile WAP site publisher, TapIt!™provides you with an intuitive platform that will enable you to manage your inventory, ad serving and monetization needs Click HERE to contact us and learn more today!

Do I Get Statistical, Revenue, & Campaign Reporting From TapIt!™ 24/7 ?

Yes! TapIt!™provides all of our publishers 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard. All statistics and data are reported real-time, and include all campaigns that are currently running. We are constantly updating our technology so we can provide key data and insights to your ad inventory. TapIt!™ provides you with impressions, clicks, fill rates, CTR, eCPM, and earnings varied by day, time, and date ranges. Whether you want to concentrate on sites, location, or device you can see your results both big picture and minute detail.

Can I Use TapIt!™ Alongside My Other Ad Networks?

Yes, many of our application and publisher partners use TapIt!™ along side of many of their other Ad Networks. TapIt!™ also provide a Mediation Tool that can help you bring in more demand at higher eCPM’s as well. We suggest that we start off with measureable goals and focus on optimizing for an eCPM yield that will bring sustainable value and revenue for your mobile ad inventory. Ask our publisher development team to assist you in set up to speed up the process!

What Fill Rate Can You Offer?

With our large, varied collection of advertisers we usually have a fill rate of 90%. We are continuously improving our optimization technology, and partnering with premium brands so that your CPM's will only continue to grow.

Does TapIt!™ Charge Any Sign Up Fees?

No, TapIt!™ actually pays YOU. There are no costs or hidden fees to get going, and our support is round the clock at no cost to our publishers.

What Kind Of Ads Will My Users See From TapIt!™ ?

TapIt!™ brings what we call the “Network Effect” to our publisher and mobile application partners. We run 100’s of advertisers on any given day, to generate desired ad fill rates and eCPMs. We focus first on bringing advertisements that are relevant and complimentary to the user experience of the application, unless specified otherwise by our publishers. Our staff screens all ads to ensure quality, demographics, relevancy and nature to meet internal quality standards prior to any campaigns going live.

Do I Get Paid On A CPM Or CPC Basis?

TapIt!™ pays mobile app developers and publishers on both CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Depending on the campaign, Rich Media, Branding, Performance or Install, TapIt!™ will set up multiple line items with our mobile app developers and publishers that will help them earn the most from each impression, as well as getting the highest ad fill rates. Our historical data shows that our developers benefit from our demand and mediation platform, both in transparency and revenue. To learn more, login into your account to view the TapIt!™ dashboard, where you will be able to track each of your apps that are registered with us, along side Fill Rate, CPM’s, Revenue and Campaigns all in real-time.

How Do You Manage Fraud Clicks On Your Network?

TapIt!™ constantly monitors all applications in the network to recognize invalid clicks such as automated click and impression generating tools, third party services that generate clicks or impressions such as auto surf, pay to click, pay to surf, and click exchange programs, robots, and repeated manual clicks/impressions, or any other deceptive software.

How Many Ads Can TapIt!™ Support On My Site

TapIt!™can support as many ads as you have the real estate for. Typically, most sites limit their mobile web property to two ads, one at the top and bottom. However, if you have the ability to leverage your sites design to enable more ads, TapIt!™ can support as many placements as you have the ability to manage.

I Just Signed Up With TapIt!™As A Publisher. What Do I Do Next?

Thank you for signing up! Your account is now being handled by our team of Publisher Development Managers. Please allow 1-2 days for your account to be reviewed. In order to reduce any delays, please make sure your profile and contact information was filled out completely and correctly. We look forward to serving you!

What Kind of Support Do I Get From TapIt! ?

We focus first on customer service to all of our Developers / Publishers and Advertisers. There are two ways to reach us right away. Contact Your Dedicated Account Manager or publisher development manager: Our friendly team is dedicated to both training you and assisting your needs. Your Account Manager can help you with SDK installation, configuration, training and any other issues you may encounter. Email Support: For any issues relating to customer support, please email support@TapIt!™.com. This will place your request in queue and provide you with an instant response from our staff.


What CPM’s Can I Make With TapIt!™ / How Much Money?

TapIt!™ places an emphasis on making our publishers the highest eCPM’s possible for their traffic. Some partners earn as high as $15 dollar CPM’s, while others start out lower while we optimize advertisers around each publisher's traffic. Since TapIt!™ has unique optimization technology and a large stable of advertisers, our fill rates tend to be over 90%. We are able to deliver significantly higher CPMs over other mobile ad networks due to our ability of being able to leverage the right pockets of mobile ad inventory, and pay much top dollar for it once a campaign is optimized. Lastly, TapIt!™ is enabling new ad units, aside from Rich Media, that can yield publishers higher eCPM’s by delivering Local Advertisements, Daily Deals, and SMS. CONTACT the TapIt!™ publisher team today to find out more!

How Does TapIt!™ Pay Me & How Often Do I Get Paid?

TapIt!™ pays publishers after the end of each calendar month. All payments are made on a net 60 terms, and payment can be made via PayPal, Pay Divvy, Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer. Please make note that we require some sort of identification for tax purposes.

I’m An International Publisher, How Do You Work / Pay Me?

TapIt!™works with many international partners. We require some sort of identification for tax purposes. We can accept either a (1) U.S. Tad Identification Number, (2) Non U.S. Entity With U.S. Source Of Income Form W-8ECI. Download Form W-8ECI. More information , (3) Non U.S. Entity With Out U.S. Sources Of Income Form W-8EBN. Download Form W-8BEN. All these forms are rather simple and merely a formality of conducting business with any U.S. based company. If you have any other questions, you may contact our Publisher Team HERE to assist you.


I Just Installed The TapIt!™ SDK, & My Earning Show $0?

There could be a few reasons for this. The very best thing to do is to contact Publisher Services department HERE, or call 888-444-1494 and ask for your account manager. We will work diligently to get it resolved within hours, and get you making money! We often find that it can be as simple as us enabling your account to be live/active for our advertisers. 

Can I Make Slight Alterations To The TapIt!™! Install Code?

Unfortunately changes to the install code may affect the behavior of the ads displayed on your sites and might have an impact on your earnings.

What If I Am Unsatisfied With TapIt!™, Can I Disable The SDK?

Yes. All API’s/SDK’s can easily be disabled. The best approach would be to contact your Publisher Development Manager, HERE, to make sure that we have your account set up properly first.

What Operating Systems Is TapIt!™ Compatible With?

TapIt!™ supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows.

I’m An International Publisher, Why Is My Site Not Returning TapIt!™ Ads?

For testing reasons, we suggest completing all of your testing with a US carrier-based IP address.


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