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Advertiser Content Guidelines

We at Tapit! are excited to begin working with you on all of your mobile advertising needs! To help ensure the best possible experience for TapIt! publishers and advertisers, please familiarize yourself with our advertising content guidelines below.

These guidelines are a general statement of Tapit! advertising standards and are not intended to be comprehensive. Third-party advertising is subject to internal review by Tapit!. Adherence to the guidelines outlined below does not guarantee Tapit! acceptance of advertising content, and is not necessarily sufficient to meet the standards of all applicable laws. Each advertiser should consult with legal counsel before seeking to place any advertising to ensure it adheres to all applicable laws.

Ads must redirect to sites that are formatted for display on a mobile screen. Our ad network is targeted towards mobile devices and sites formatted for a mobile browser.

Prohibited Content (either in Ad or destination URL):

  • Ads that lead to a malformed landing page or grossly unappealing landing page.
  • Alcohol / Tobacco / Drugs
  • Anti or Hateful Speech
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
    • Permissible in the following countries only: UK ,CA ,ES ,AU ,DE ,FR ,IT, JP
  • Misleading or Deceptive Products/Services
  • Nudity (full, partial or implied)
  • Sexual Content
  • Prostitution (direct solicitation or implied)
  • Violence to humans or animals
  • Ads that result in an automatic download including jar/jad files.
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