Creating a Campaign

Step 1. Choose Create a Campaign from your Advertiser Dashboard or Navigation Bar. 

Step 2. Define your Campaign Name, Budget and Type (CPC or CPM). Then choose the content category that your advertisement falls under, start and end dates and delivery method. Optional: Define conversion value and day-parting. Then choose "Save and Continue"


Campaign Type: CPC means you will be charged for each click.
                               CPM means you will be charged for each 1000 impressions served. 

Daily Budget: The max amount of money you want to spend on your campaign each day. Minimum is $20.

Conversion Value: If the campaign you're promoting has a conversion value associated with it, you can enter in that value here. When you use conversion tracking, associated calculations (EPC, eRPM, etc) will be displayed on your dashboard. (Not Required)

Category: The content category that your ads fall under. This does not define which categories your campaign targets. 

Start/End Date: Your campaign flight dates. By default it is set to start immediately with no end date. 

Enable Day Parting: If you want your ads to display during certain days or the week or times, enable this and choose when you want to display your ads. 


  • Evenly means your campaign will be served evenly over each 24 hour period based on your Daily Budget.
  • As Fast as Possible means that the server will try to deliver your campaign to reach its budget as fast as possible. 
Step 3: Define Targeting and Bids. Choose your Geolocation targeting, handsets & platforms, carrier/wifi and environment (wap/app). Then choose the channels you want to target and define your bid. 

Geotargeting: Select the countries you want to target. To target specific Cities, click on "Target Specific Geographic Regions"

Targeting Platforms and Specific Devices. You can target specific Operating Systems and Versions, or Target specific handset brands and models: 


Carrier & Connection: Choose whether you want to target All traffic, Wifi traffic, or Carrier & Wifi traffic. 

Environment: Choose whether you want to target All traffic, just Application traffic or just Mobile Website traffic. 

Channels & Bids: Choose whether to run Run of Network, targeting all channels, or just specific Channels. Minimum bids start at 0.05 for CPC campaigns and 0.30 for CPM campaigns. 

Step 4: Define your ad name, click action, destination URL or Phone Number and upload your creative. Then choose to Create Ad & Finish or upload more creatives. 


Rotate URL: If you want to split test multiple landing pages, simply choose "Yes" to be able to define multiple Destination URLs. 

Destination URL: Enter in your destination URL here. Read our list of available <a href="#">macros</a> to use. 

Ad Type:

  • Banner and Tablet: standard banners and animated gifs.
  • HTML/Javascript: third-party ad tags or rich media creatives.
  • Text: plain text ads. 
  • Icon + Text: super cool, fast and easy way to create mobile formatted banners. Write your headline and copy, choose colors, fonts, borders and background colors. 




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