Click Stats Aren't Matching Up to My Offer

The most common causes for Click Discrepencies are: 

1) Phunware stats are in GMT & your Advertiser's stats are in a different Time Zone. 

2) Passing clicks through a third-party analytics program and clicks are dropping off in the redirects

3) Your page isn't loading for certain phones, typically seen when sending Feature Phone traffic to pages built with heavy javascript/ajax. 

4) You're passing certain macro's that have % signs in the data and that's causing your links to break. We've seen with certain affiliate networks that % signs in the URL's will cause the page to error. The macro's that will pass data that could have % signs in it are [carrier], [phone_model], and [creative]. Whenever there's a space, the browser will populate %20 in place of it. 

5) If you are reporting higher numbers in your third party reporting than in your Phunware Dashboard please be aware that this could also be due to our click filtering technology that filters out any clicks that do not meet our acceptable click criteria. These "flagged" clicks will not be counted in your dashboard or for billing purposes, but may still show up in third-party reports.


If you've verified that none of these are the case, then pull a Site ID report and match it up with your clicks to see which Site ID's are not matching up. Then contact your Account Rep or with the data. 

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