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An ad is what users see on their phones. It is a public promotion of your service or product. An ad must always exist within a Campaign.

Note: You can add another ad at any time by clicking the 'Campaigns' tab, selecting the campaign, and click on 'Create an Ad'. Click the 'Create an Ad' button located below the Campaign name and follow the steps below.

To create an ad:

Screen Shot 2012-06-17 at 12.58.03 AM.png

  1. Enter the ad information.
    1. Enter a name for your ad. This is not seen by users, but helps you to keep track of all of your ads. You may consider adding text to your ad name to help you identify the specific ad more easily in your reporting.
    2. Choose the Click Action: Click-to-URL, Click-to-Call, Click-to-App, Click-to-Map, Click-to-Video 
    3. Enter Destination URL where you want your users to be taken after they click your ad. For example, if you are advertising your mobile site, enter the URL of your mobile site.
  2. Select your Ad type.
    1. Images : You can add an image to your text link ad. Different phones have different screen sizes, so uploading four sizes of images ensures the best user experience regardless of what size screen it is viewed on. Ensure that the ad text you provide makes sense to a user even if we cannot show your image. Also be sure to preview your image to ensure that it displays properly.

      We accept the following  image sizes - you have the option to upload:

      1. 300 x 250

      2. 720 x 90

      3. 320 x 50

      4. 300 x 50
      5. 216 x 36

      6. 168 x 28

      7. 120 x 20

      8. Note: We follow MMA standards on creative image sizes and don’t allow or create custom ad sizes. Image size is selected based on the device on which we are serving the ad.

    2. HTML/JavaScript Tag: Input in

    3. Text: Enter up to 35 characters of text you wish to display in the ad. Choose your ad text carefully to maximize ad performance.

    4. Icon + Text: Upload your Icon image & Enter up to 35 characters of text you wish to display in the ad. Choose your ad text carefully to maximize ad performance

    If you provide an image for your ad, we only show your ad on devices that are capable of displaying images. Your ad does not appear on devices incapable of displaying images. This may reduce the available audience for your ad.

Click Create Ad and Finish.

After you create an ad, it is submitted for our review. We normally take 1 business day to review the ad. After we complete the review, we send a message to your account email address indicating whether the ad was approved. To learn more about our ad approval policies, click here: Ad Approval Policies.


Screen Shot 2012-06-17 at 12.58.12 AM.png

The next step is to Add Funds to Your Account.

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