Ad Approval Policies

Ads in the Phunware network are evaluated through both automated and manual moderation processes. All ads are reviewed for compliance with our Content Guidelines. The Tapit! team looks at both the ad text and landing page content as part of the review process. It can take one to two business days for a submitted ad(s) to be approved.

For select ad types, we have the following additional ad approval guidelines.

  • Ads advertising a URL must link to a mobile-optimized landing page.
  • Ads advertising downloadable content must provide the user with a call to action on the landing page to initiate content download; automatic download is not permitted.
  • iPhone Web ads may not contain Flash or any other content that does not render properly on the landing page.
  • For quiz or subscription service ads:
    • On any page where the user is asked to enter a phone number, the price of the product or service being offered must be clearly visible before or above the phone number entry field.
    • The price and terms and conditions must be easily distinguishable from the background or any image where the pricing resides and must be available for viewing on every page.
    • The price may be below the fold. The terms and conditions must start above the fold, but may continue below the fold.
    • The user must have the option to accept or reject the charge by a short code, which is a special short telephone number that is widely used for value-added services, or by any other means, after the user enters the phone number.
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