Adding Funds To Your Phunware Account

Need to add funds to your account? Follow the following instructions to add funds and get your campaigns up and running!

Adding Funds To Your Phunware Account 


If this is the first time logging into your advertiser account, your Advertiser Dashboard will display a notification stating your funds are low. To get funds quickly into your account, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the blue "Add more funds" link

Adding Funds To Your Phunware Account - "Account Menu"


You may also click your "Account" tab in the menu, and click on "Fund Your Account"

Adding Funds Using Paypal


Currently, TapIt only supports payment via PayPal. We will be implementing more payment methods in the future due to user requests. If a user does NOT have a PayPal account, you can still send add funds, similarly to any other ecommerce transaction.

  1. Select the desired amount that you wish to deposit in you TapIt account
  2. Then click "Add Funds"

(NOTE: PayPal has known issues with International funds. There are occasions that users have deposited money, and it does not reflect in their account immediately. However, the funds are in fact there. If you run into this issue, kindly send an email to for assistance.)

Completing Your Payment With Your PayPal Account


After clicking "Add Funds", PayPal will provide you two (2) options to check out

  1. Paying with your PayPal Account
  2. Paying with your Credit or Debit Card

If you have a PayPal Account, select "Have a PayPal Account", and login into PayPal to complete your transaction

Completing Your Payment Without A PayPal Account


If you do NOT have a PayPal Account, you may click "Don't have a PayPal Account?", and complete the check out forms to finish your transaction.

Account Funding Confirmation


After completing your Payment, you should see the following confirmation screen to confirm the funding of your account. If you are not automatically redirected to your account, you can simply click the link on the PayPal page or enter in your browser to return.

Account Summary Reflecting Deposit


Once you have completed your transaction, you may got back into your "Account Summary" dashboard to view the transaction history and verify available funds within your account.

Here, you can view the following details of the transaction

  1. Your current account balance
  2. Date of the transaction
  3. A unique transaction ID
  4. Type of Transaction - Deposit, Admin Deposit, Refund, Payment (Publisher Only)
  5. Transaction Amount
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