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Using The Ad Optimizer

Phunware has launched a cool new reporting tool that we call the Ad Optimizer. Ad Optimizer allows you to quickly see which Countries, Platforms, Handsets, Carriers and Sites your ads are running across for a specific time period. If you're using Conversion tracking, then you'll also see exactly where all your conversions are coming from and eCPA. 

The Ad Optimizer can be found under the Reporting menu on your Dashboard and also at this URL:

Here's a quick overview of the best way to use Ad Optimizer. 

Step 1. Choose the Campaign that you want to analyze. 

Step 2. Choose the Time Period



After selecting the Time Period, the Platform that your Campaign has run across will display in 

Step 3. Select the Platform that you want a more granular look at. Next it will display the Countries your campaign has ran in on that Platform. After choosing the Country, you'll see which carriers you ran across. Click on "Add Data to Results". 


Step 4. The Grid will now populate with: Creative, Platform, Country, Carrier, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, eCPC, eCPA, Conversions and Spend. You can filter by checking and unchecking the parameters and click on Device or Site to view that data. 


Click on the filter icon to filter out specific sets of data like "Unknown" devices or a creative or specific carrier from results. 


Why this is a powerful tool

Now you can quickly see where your clicks or conversions are happening - Is a specific Site ID taking all of your budget? Are you getting 99% of your conversions from a specific device and wasting money on all others? And you can clearly see what your eCPA is for specific targeting combinations and adjust bids to get more of those magical combinations that are driving high EPCs. You can easily see this info without having to export data to excel, build pivot tables or any other nonsense. 

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