Standard Android Install Tracking

Android App Install Conversion Tracking

Since the Google Play Marketplace allows advertisers to pass variables through their app store it is possible to track application installs with a transaction id based approach. This approach is the most accurate for Android App install campaigns, but is unfortunately not possible for iPhone app install campaigns as it is not possible to pass variable though the itunes store.


Basic Android Store Link:



The transaction id is passed through the "referrer parameter of the google play store and will need to be posted back to Tapit upon successful App installation.


The {TRANSACTION_ID}, portion will need to be dynamically replaced with the transaction id you wish to postback to signal a conversion. Your campaign id can be found at in the tracking link displayed on your campaign dashboard. 


PLEASE NOTE: It is only necessary to postback to TapIt upon the first launch of the application, and not every subsequent application launch. Additionally it is advisable to test all of your marketplace links yourself before launching your campaign to ensure they are functioning as expected.

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